Career opportunities

Career opportunities

Studio Rubini & Partners makes use of collaborators who can follow and develop an internal career with constant professional growth.
We offer new graduates the opportunity to complete the internship period, paying them with a three-year flat rate amount considered as a “scholarship”, paid in progressive amounts in annual bands.

Trainees are closely followed by a professional “tutor”, through practices that involve increasing difficulty and greater responsibility.

After passing the qualifying examination for the exercise of the profession, the possibility for the newly qualified person to remain within the Firm is assessed, with a fixed remuneration plus a percentage of the receipts from newly acquired clients followed directly by the employee.
We provide a vast library both physical and IT, which covers all the possible themes of the profession.
Continuous study and updating, pursuing objectives of excellence, are fundamental values ​​of our work, both of those who are being trained, and of those who already carry out their profession with experience. You can send your Curriculum Vitae by e-mail to


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