Matteo Toffolatti

Matteo Toffolatti

Matteo Toffolatti

Degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Verona with a score of 110/110.
Registration in the Register of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Verona – Section A under no. 1161 / A.
Registration in the Register of Auditors with provision of 09/04/03 G.U. n. 31 IV Special Series of 04/18/03 n. 129139 – Technical Consultant of the Judge – Expert of the Court of Verona.

Languages: English

Work Experience

1990 – 1991
Work experience at Banca Popolare di Vicenza.

Professional practice as a chartered accountant with a professional firm in Verona.

He deals mainly with:

  • accounting, administrative and tax aspects for Italian and foreign corporations;
  • preparation of financial statements;
  • tax issues;
  • tax litigation;
  • insolvency proceedings;
  • extraordinary business operations.

Currently held positions:
– Bankruptcy Trustee, Technical Consultant for the Civil and Penal Court Office of Verona;
– Tax, accounting and corporate consultant in Italian companies;
– Statutory Auditor and Auditor in various Italian corporations.

Studio Rubini, Commercialista Verona