Areas Of Practice

Application to bankruptcy proceedings
Bookkeeping of Italian or foreign corporations / brunches / start-ups.
Business planning
Business valuation
Chartered accountants
Consolidated financial statements according to Italian GAAP or IFRS
Consultant appointed by the Court
contribution in kinds, split-ups, liquidations, participation exchanges, asset deals, stock deals,
Corporate finance / debt market
Debt restructuring
Derivatives: valuation, risk or hedging strategies, mark-to-market – in cooperation with quantitative analysis specialized consulting firms – accounting, tax issues
Domestic and international tax consulting
Domestic or international merging, acquisitions, international reincorporation of legal entities,
Estate planning
Expert witness according to Italian laws
International investments
Internationalization processes
Minibonds / Private placements of debt instruments
Reporting packages
Scenario analysis using what-if approach or Montecarlo risk simulation; risk distribution charts
Separated financial statements according to Italian GAAP or IFRS
Setting-up of foreign software to run Italian accounting
Tax litigation
Trustee in bankruptcies
Trustee in other Italian bankruptcy proceedings
Voluntary disclosure